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Welcome to Coral
Hotel & Coral Apartments


The two beachfront accommodation Coral Hotel & Coral Apartments, fully renovated and revamped, within 300 meters distance from each other, are the best choice to stay for tourism, leisure or business travel, operating all year, in a place of discreet luxury and comfort.


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Coral Hotel

Coral Hotel, former << Ersi Hotel>>, is fully renovated and located in the central square of Ierapetra, 30 meters distance from the sea. With free public parking, it is the best choice for tourism accommodation, leisure and business travel as it operates all year.

Because of its excellent and convenient location, guests will have the opportunity to tour on foot to all of the attractions and key points of Ierapetra. The museum, historical monuments, shops, banks, coffee shops, patisseries, traditional restaurants and taverns, TAXI station, pharmacies, tourist offices and shops, as well as nightlife, are around us.

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Coral Apartments

Coral Apartments, recently and fully renovated with overlooking to the Libyan Sea, is located 300m from the center of Ierapetra and 30m from the beach.
With free public parking next to the open-air gym where the guests can exercise or practice in sports individually or in groups, with an easy access and a short distance from all the sights and the crucial points, Coral Apartments is the best choice for both leisure tourism and business trips, operating all year, in a distinctive luxury and comfortable stay.

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Crete Island. Nothing more!


Coral Hotel & Coral Apartments


Cretan hospitality combined with the modern requirements of professionalism and the highest level of commitment to services, makes every guest feel at Coral boutique hotel & Apartments like home.

Restaurants and traditional taverns, cafes and bars, modern shopping shops & local souvenir shops are quite close to you. Explore the hidden treasures of the area, the main attractions and the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters.

Travel, wander around, explore, discover, dip in, enjoy, relax, hug, feel, get inspired, express yourself in the southernmost city of Europe.


Sea Sports


Enjoy your vacation while getting knowing the place.
Travel, wander, explore, discover, dip in, enjoy, relax, hug, feel, inspire and express yourself in the southernmost city of Europe.

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Ensure the Best Price

Make your reservation through our website and ensure the best price.
Contact us with the details of your reservation to ensure our offer here.

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