Nightlife – Bars

Bars of Ierapetra have their own history, redefining the rules of nightlife with all kinds of beverages, colorful cocktails, nice music and good prices. Small and "miraculous" bustles of life.

A juvenile magnet that provides a sense of an open party, with young voices who dynamically give the present, the cocktails come and go among the crowds with a more alternative visual of entertainment.

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Coffee shops (Rakadika)

Rakadiko is a kind of traditional cafe and in most cases a combination of a coffee shop and a tavern.
They serve raki, ouzo, wine, beer, etc. with amazing and delicious traditional Cretan appetizers (snails, dako, fava beans, honthro, apaki etc.) which visitors must taste. Also Rakadika operate as taverns and offer a full menu with traditional dishes, fresh seafood and even cooked food.

In Rakadika gather a lot of people of all ages and the atmosphere which created by the sounds of traditional music and local hospitality is fantastic.

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Cretan natural essential oils and their beneficial properties, combined with years of experience in the SPA, give an identity to Cretan massage.

The traditional Cretan, the holistic and therapeutic back massage characteristic treatments that promote beneficial use of natural ingredients in connection with this massage. Massage is not a luxury that appeals to a few.

It is an alternative form of treatment and relaxation of the body with beneficial health properties. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing or therapeutic massage and feel the positive effect both on the body and the spirit in specially designated areas of aesthetic Institutes of Ierapetra.

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Horse Riding

Horse riding used to be a daily need or proof of noble origin. Today for the most people is the classiest sport, giving to the rider a sense of courage and pride and brings him in a special secret contact with the smartest maybe animal.

In the equestrian center which is located on the beach Agios Andreas east of Ierapetra, the visitor can choose one of the obedient and highly trained horses, to come in contact with them and feel this relationship of companionship and love escaping with them to beautiful routes.

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Combining exercise with entertainment, tennis is an ideal sport for each gender and age group. Tennis has been called "sport for a lifetime." It is even believed that it may be the perfect sport that helps to not only to live longer but also to improve the quality of our lives.

Visitors who play tennis or would like to taste their abilities on the sport alongside exercising body and spirit, can visit the modern facilities of the Association of Tennis C. S. Libyan Ierapetra in Misedakeio Sports Center.

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