The Venetian Fortress Kales

Built in the beginning of the 13th century by the Genovese pirate Paskatore, Kales is a symbol of the town of Ierapetra. The legends of the pirates are still alive on its walls and it stands imposing in the entrance of the old port, proof of the long history of the town.

The old town, Kato Mera / Napoleon’s house

Across the port and the Kale fortress, between narrow alleys and flowery yards beats the heart of old Ierapetra. With intriguing architecture that recalls the city’s past, Kato Mera offers a peek into the colors of a different era.

Here you will also find the house where according to the local tradition Napoleon the Great stayed during his trip to Egypt.

St. George’s Cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1856, presumably over a preexisting church, of the old town. The church is a balanced combination of Ancient Greek, and Venetian architecture. It is a temple that is defined by its individual components.

The Ottoman Mosque Tzami

In central position of the old town, stands the Mosque and the Ottoman Fountain. They have been built in the end of 19th century, after occupation of St. Church.

The Museum

The archaeological exhibition of Ierapetra is located in a building that was constructed in 1899. It has exhibits that date from the Minoan times until the Roman years. A Minoan Sarcofagus and a sculpture of Persephone are its gems.